About Us

About us

The ‘Chalk and Talk’ teaching can prove to be wearisome for learners and unable to extend the learners involvement beyond the walls of the classrooms. Therefore, there is a need to make the happy learning with innovative techniques- Because the new learner is receptive for technology; Because learning is all about exploring new things; Because the joy of learning is the essence of all learning; Because there is a winner in all of us. We just added the missing part to the conventional teaching methods using the digital technology and bring about a complete transformation in geography teaching-learning method. We added interactions, learner’s engagement, animations, videos, supplement information in form of transcript, closed caption, reading resources, glossary etc. and assessment questions to make them think aloud over it.


Dr. Deepak Maheshwari
Associate Professor, Geography
Government Meera Girls College,
Udaipur- Rajasthan
Email: deeprashmister@gmail.com